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primus fremdsprachen - Language institute & Studienkolleg

Kornmarkt 4, 90402 Nuremberg, Germany

Learn languages with ease! primus fremdsprachen Nuremberg offers you a variety of courses. You are sure to find a suitable language course in Nuremberg.

Language lessons with experienced teachers, who cater to your study needs and put together the lesson appropriately. They know the difficulties and the stumbling blocks of learning a foreign language and they will help you over them.

Group lessons or 1:1 lessons, compact, evening, intensive, conversation or business language courses.


School location

General Information

  • COVID-19 school operational status: fully operational
  • Minimum age of students: 16
  • Lesson duration: 45 min
  • Average number of students in group: 12
  • Level placement test on the first day: yes

Facilities for disabled people

  • Reception adapted for the disabled
  • Classrooms adapted for the disabled

Classroom equipment

  • Heating in all classrooms
  • Audio-TV in some classrooms

The price includes

  • Free certificate of course attendance
  • WIFI Internet at school
  • Language test before the course



Terms & Conditions

Registration, payment, general


With the signature on your registration, the registration becomes binding and you thereby accept the terms and conditions of Primus Foreign Languages, Nuremberg.

Registration obliges you to pay for the booked course. The language training is free of VAT. If you have registered online, your registration will only take effect after written confirmation and receipt of the fees.

Registration should be made in writing before the start of the course using a completed registration form. To reserve the course place, the registration fee and half of the course price must be paid immediately after confirmation of registration. The remaining course fees are due in accordance with the contractual agreement.

The price list that was valid at the time of registration applies. All bank fees that may have to be paid for the course fee will be charged to the paying person.

The person registering assumes full liability for compliance with the contractual obligations, even in the case of a language student registered by them on their behalf.

If the language school provides third-party services (e.g. insurance, accommodation, bus transfer), the conclusion of the contract is based on the respective terms and conditions of the service provider.


Preisgestaltung, Leistungen, Unterricht


Jede Unterrichtsstunde dauert (sofern nicht anders schriftlich vereinbart) 60 Minuten.

Die Kurspreise schließen folgenden Service mit ein: Einstufungstest sofern nötig/erwünscht, Bescheinigungen, Infos, schulinterne Prüfungen.

Nach regelmäßiger Teilnahme wird auf Wunsch ein Zertifikat ausgestellt.

Für Gruppenkurse gilt eine Mindestteilnehmerzahl. Bei geringerer Teilnehmerzahl reduziert sich die Anzahl der Unterrichtseinheiten pro Kurs; bei Deutsch Intensivkursen pro Woche.

Die erforderliche Mindestteilnehmerzahl variiert von Kurs zu Kurs. Nähere Informationen gibt hier die Kursbeschreibung. Gegen Zahlung eines Aufpreises kann die volle Stundenzahl unterrichtet werden.

Die Kurspreise und evtl. Gebühren für Lehrmaterial, Anmeldung etc. entnehmen Sie bitte der jeweiligen Kursbeschreibung oder können Sie direkt auf Anfrage bei Primus Fremdsprachen erhalten.

Die Teilnehmer sind an vorgegebene Zeiten gebunden. Bei Einzelunterricht kann der Schüler die Zeiteinteilung mitgestalten.


Extensions, rebooking, withdrawal, absences


Course extensions must be registered in good time in the secretariat.

All changes to the original booking must be made in writing. A fee is charged for rebooking.

In the absence of the group course, no refund can be granted, missed hours cannot be made up for.

Individual lessons must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the lesson, the full hourly rate will be charged.

Changes to appointments must always be made via the secretariat. Short-term changes or cancellations are discussed directly with the teacher. This then informs the school.

If the assigned course teacher fails due to illness or other reasons beyond the control of the school, the school may appoint a substitute teacher or make up for the lessons at a later date.

The participant is solely responsible for the timely appearance of the participant at the start of the course. Delays, whether for reasons of issuing a visa or for other reasons, do not entitle the student to reduce the tuition fee or to request additional hours.

In the event of early termination of a course (e.g. early departure from DaF students) or late arrival, there will be no reimbursement of costs.

If you cancel the booked course before the start of the course, the following graduations apply for retained fees:


Up to 30 days before the start of the course: 10% of the fees

Up to 14 days before the start of the course: 20% of the fees

Up to 7 days before the start of the course: 50% of the fees

From 6 days before the start of the course: 100% of the fees

Registration fees cannot be refunded.


Visa and registration certificates


The student is responsible for applying for a visa and paying the associated costs. The issuance of the registration certificate / reservation confirmation requires the written registration and payment of the full course fee. A reduced deposit can only be approved in writing and in exceptional cases by the language school. This requires a special agreement and a note in the contract.

With the registration / reservation confirmation, a visa must be applied for in good time at the responsible consulate.

If no visa is issued, the language school will refund the course fees minus a processing fee of 50 euros. The prerequisite for reimbursement is:

- Immediate notification of the language school by the applicant

- the submission of a written rejection letter from the competent authority.

- written notice

Furthermore, all original documents that Primus Foreign Languages ​​has issued to the participant must be returned.

The processing fees charged by the language school for arranging study admissions will not be reimbursed in the event of negative decisions by the consulates or in the event of rejection by the university (s).

The remaining amount will be refunded to an account specified by the participant within 4 weeks.


Other Stipulations


The course participant is at the school's own risk. The school is not liable for any personal injury or property damage. Unless otherwise stated, the course location is:

Kornmarkt 4/3. OG, 90402 Nuremberg.


Verbal collateral agreements are not valid. Any change must be made in writing

Contractual obligations of the school:

- Conscientious preparation of language courses

- Careful selection and monitoring of service providers (teachers)

- The proper provision of the contractually agreed services

The student must immediately inform the secretariat of any change of address.

Complaints should be addressed to: Primus Fremdsprachige, Ms. G. Cicetti, Kornmarkt 4 / 3rd floor, 90402 Nürnberg.


Place of performance and jurisdiction for both parties is Nuremberg.

Should these general terms and conditions or parts of them be or become ineffective, the ineffective part should be replaced by the statutory provision that comes closest to the meaning of the original agreement.

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