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COVID-19 Update for students

Last Updated: 13th June 2022


Current operational status of schools due to COVID-19:

Most language schools on have now re-opened to foreign students and accept applications for on-site courses. For schools that are still closed due to Covid-19, the course start dates have been updated to reflect the reopening date. This means that you can start courses on all start dates that currently appear in the profiles of individual schools.

We strive to ensure that school profiles only show valid start dates on which you can book a course. If, however, it happens that after receiving the application for the course, the school will not be able to confirm the booking in a given time due to Covid-19, we guarantee a full refund of the deposit which is paid at the time of booking.

For more details about the current operational status of the school due to COVID-19, see "COVID-19 school operational status" in the "General Information" section in each school's profile.


Travel restrictions

International flights are being restored gradually, but they are still operating to a limited extent compared to the pre-pandemic period. For current flight connections as well as for current travel rules, to include quarantine measures for travellers from/to specific countries, please contact your local travel agency. Travelers traveling to the EU, or within the EU, will find up-to-date information on current travel restrictions on the Re-open EU website.

We also recommend using Skyscanner - a useful tool for checking travel restrictions in different countries.