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Your platform for booking language courses abroad

How to book?

If you have already chosen the language you want to study, as well as the country, city and language school, booking a language course on will be easy. Go to the profile of the selected school and follow the guidelines below to book a course, as well as additional services such as accommodation and airport transfer, if you wish.




1. Under the COURSES bar you will find a list of courses. Select the course you are interested in and press the "Configure" button to configure the course.

2. On the COURSES bar, select the start date of the selected course and the length of the course in weeks. Our interface will allow you to book a course only with the length and start date that are possible for the given course.

3. After selecting the start date and course length, press the "I choose" button to add the configured course to the COURSE CONFIGURATOR module, which is located on the top right of the page.




1. If you want to book accommodation for the duration of the course, under the ACCOMMODATION bar you will find a list of available options. Please note that after you have set up your course, all available accommodation options automatically match the course start date and length. You don't need to configure these parameters here.

2. Select an option of your interest and press "I choose" to add accommodation to the COURSE CONFIGURATOR module.




1. If you want to book a transfer from the airport, go to the TRANSFER bar below, select an option of your interest and press the "I choose" button to add the transfer to the COURSE CONFIGURATOR module.




1. After completing the operations described above, go to the course configurator and see the status of the reservation along with the cost estimate. At this stage, using the course configurator functions, you can make changes to the booking, including to the course,  accommodation and transfer.

2. If everything is OK, press "Continue booking" to go to the BOOKING DETAILS page. You will find a summary of your booking together with the cost specification and rebate amount, if applicable.



Then, go below to the PERSONAL DETAILS form and complete it. Data marked with an asterisk is necessary to book a course.




The last step of the booking is the payment of the deposit required at the time of booking. The deposit is a small part of the total amount due for the course and will be deducted from the final invoice. To do this, go to the bottom of the page to the PAYMENT section, select the payment method and press the BOOK NOW button. Deposit will be charged only if the school confirms exactly the specified course.




Within 2-3 business days you will receive from the school confirmation of the course reservation together with the invoice.




On the basis of the invoice received from the school, which will contain information about the accepted payment methods, you will pay the balance directly to the school, about 2 weeks before the beginning of the course.