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French courses in Belgium

French courses in Belgium

If you think about French, the first association will probably be France. But as everyone knows, this is not the only country where you speak this language. Belgium, the smaller neighbor of France, is another European country in which we can improve the language of Moliere. Even if the French and Belgians speak the same language, there are a few differences between the French spoken in France and Belgium, which can sometimes lead to funny misunderstandings. The Belgians think that they are more logical than the French, that's why they say "septante" instead of "soixante-dix". If you share their view, learn French in Belgium.

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Cities to learn French in Belgium

Why study French in Belgium?

Belgian French and French French - get to know the differences
French in Belgium is the same as French used in France, but there are minor differences, mainly in terms of vocabulary. Learning French in Belgium will be a great opportunity to learn the main differences.
French spoken with a Belgian accent is easier to understand.
The French language, depending on where it is spoken, has a different accent. for example, Swiss, Paris, North, South-French, Belgian, which means there is no "pure" French accent. While the Parisian French is quite difficult to understand, the Belgian accent seems to be milder and the words are not "eaten". In addition, the Belgians are accustomed to the French spoken with an accent, because the Flemish speak French with a strong accent. Therefore, you will be welcome to speak French with your own accent.
Brussels, a world-class capital with many opportunities. A fascinating place to learn French.