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French courses in Brussels

French courses in Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the capital of Europe - one of the seats (next to Strasbourg) of the European Parliament and the European Commission is in many respects an exceptional city. It is a city of contrasts in which skyscrapers of glass and aluminum look out from behind the gothic towers of churches. The character of the city is best reflected by its French name "Bruxelles" - it is actually plural. 

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  • Region: Brussels
  • Population: 1 000 000
  • Time Zone: UTC +1
  • Official Currency: EUR

There is therefore Brussels of elegant streets in the old city, full of visitors and tourists and Brussels with climate as taken directly from the black Congo, in which memories of Belgium's colonial past are alive, and finally Brussels in the district of officials and diplomats, with glass and aluminum buildings. Brussels is also a city of culture and art at the highest European level. Impressive architectural monuments, museums whose exhibition halls hide great collections of works of great masters, art galleries, theaters and countless cinemas. Speaking of Brussels, it's impossible not to mention beer (Belgians know 500 kinds of this drink), which is served here in countless bars located almost every step in every district of the city.