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English for Business (EFB)

The purpose of LCCI English for Business exams is to test the candidate's English language ability in a business context. EFB exams have been prepared by business experts and are based on real life, everyday situations from the world of business. EFB are set at 5 levels aligned aligned to the Common European Framework (CEFR).

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EFB exams are available on five levels, depending on candidates' ability to speak English, aligned to the Common European Framework (CEFR):

  • EFB Preliminary Level - CEFR A1
  • EFB First Level - CEFR A2
  • EFB Second Level – CEFR B1
  • EFB Third Level – CEFR B2
  • EFB Fourth Level -CEFR C1

Each of the above levels includes an obligatory written part and two optional sections - Listening and Speaking.

All varieties of English are acceptable (British English, North-American English, Australian English) as long as candidates are consistent in the variety they use. During the exam the candidate has the right to use a dictionary (a single language or bilingual), but he bears the responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies or overall quality of the information presented.


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