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ÖSD exams are internationally recognized and are offered at levels A1 – C2. They are based on the level descriptions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(GER). Since 2019, all ÖSD exams (with the exception of ÖSD integration exams) have been offered on a modular basis, i.e. This means that the examination modules (two or four modules depending on the examination) can be completed independently of one another at different times.

Exams with two modules
Exams, which are offered in two modules, each consist of the modules written exam (reading, listening, writing) and oral exam (speaking).

Exams with four modules
The ÖSD Certificate B1 and ÖSD Certificate C2 exams are offered in four modules. They each consist of the modules reading, listening, writing and speaking.

ÖSD certificate A1
ÖSD certificate A1 / Austria
ÖSD certificate A2
ÖSD certificate A2 / Austria
ÖSD Certificate German Austria B1
ÖSD certificate German Austria B1 / young people
ÖSD certificate B1
ÖSD certificate B1 / young people
ÖSD certificate B2
ÖSD certificate B2 / young people
ÖSD certificate C1
ÖSD certificate C1 / young people
ÖSD certificate C2
ÖSD certificate C2 / business language German
ÖSD integration test A2
ÖSD integration test B1

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