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Test of Legal English skills (TOLES)

TOLES means Test of Legal English skills. The TOLES exams are the world’s market leaders in legal English exams and are highly respected by international law firms and the Law Society of England and Wales. TOLES is set at 3 levels of proficiency: TOLES Advanced, TOLES Higher, TOLES Foundation.


There are 3 levels to the TOLES exam series:

  • TOLES Advanced
  • TOLES Higher
  • TOLES Foundation

The TOLES series provides exams of differing levels. It is therefore open to candidates of all abilities who can progressively build upon their skills.

Candidates do not have to take all 3 exams. However, they should begin at a realistic point in the exam series according to their general and legal English skills.

TOLES is 100% practical. It meets the needs of global law firms rather than being dominated by the theories of English language teachers.

There is no speaking element to TOLES. Law firms report that they are easily able to assess a lawyer’s oral skills at interview. Law firms are looking for evidence of:

  • good understanding of written contracts
  • strong drafting skills
  • accurate writing in letters, opinions and emails

The TOLES series are no-fail exams. All students will receive a certificate and explanatory statement reflecting their ability in legal English


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