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French courses in Perpignan

French courses in Perpignan

Perpignan is the southernmost city of France, the main center of the historical land of Roussillon, the former capital of the Kingdom of Majorca. The city is picturesquely situated among golden and green vineyards, on the Mediterranean coast, in the French part of Catalonia. Just like on the Spanish side of the border, the Catalans living in France remember their individuality. Although hardly anyone speaks here Catalan today, the street names in Perpignan are still written in both languages. 

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  • Region: Pyrénées-Orientales, Occitanie
  • Population: 110 000
  • Time Zone: UTC +1
  • Official Currency: EUR

The splendor and turbulent history of the city is evidenced by its impressive monuments. A magnificent gothic cathedral and a recently restored medieval cemetery, Campo Santo, which in the summer becomes a place of concerts and performances, a medieval building of the City Council, a castle towering above the city, or a fragment of defensive walls left in the city center, called Castillet.