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Italian courses abroad

Italian courses abroad

Learning Italian in the country where it is spoken may be an unforgettable experience. Students learn in a natural language environment which guarantees they progress quickly. A language course abroad is also a great opportunity to learn about Italian speaking countries, which is a way to better understanding of their culture, history and customs. Last but not least, it is a unique occasion to meet new friends from different countries from all over the world and to create long-lasting friendships with fellow students.

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TORRE DI BABELE – Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana more

Torre di Babele – providing outstanding Italian language and culture courses for students from all over the world. In operation since 1984,…
Standard course
Price: 220 €
2019-10-28, per week
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COMITATO LINGUISTICO, founded in 1986, the school is situated in the old city center of Perugia and offers courses exclusively…
standard course
Price: 220 €
2019-10-21, per week

Scuola Tricolore more

Scuola Tricolore - CSI offers personalised Italian language courses. Any course, with any duration for every need, level or study objective is…
Standard Group Course
Price: 255 €
2019-10-21, per week

Countries to learn Italian where it is spoken

Top 3 reasons to learn Italian in the countries where it is spoken

1. The fastest progress. Learning a language in the country where it is spoken guarantees the fastest progress. By being totally immerged in the natural language environment, students start thinking in the language they learn, which is essential to progress quickly, and finally, to become fluent in a language.
2. New life experience. By studying abroad, students have a unique opportunity to learn about new countries, their culture, customs, and to experience the life style of their inhabitants.
3. New friends from all over the world. A language course abroad may be the opportunity to meet new friends from different countries, culture and social backgrounds. Students learn a language in multi-national groups and this gives the opportunity to create long-lasting friendships with fellow students.