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English courses in Auckland

English courses in Auckland

Auckland is the largest city of New Zealand, at the same time, it is the business, scientific and cultural capital. Almost 1.5 million people live in the agglomeration, which is about 1/4 of all inhabitants of the country. At the same time, some 40% of the city's population are immigrants from China, South Korea, India, the Philippines, South Africa, Great Britain and the Polynesian Islands, creating a colorful, multicultural and multi-flavored (when it comes to local restaurants) mix. It's a completely different New Zealand than the rest of the country, more urban.

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  • Region: Auckland
  • Population: 418 000
  • Time Zone: +13
  • Official Currency: NZD

Auckland does not have a long history, and thus many monuments. There are, however, several places that are undoubtedly worth seeing, such as the Auckland Art Gallery - the largest Maori-themed museum, often known works of art are displayed here during traveling exhibitions. Auckland War Memorial Museum - a museum dedicated to New Zealanders who gave their lives in various parts of the world during world wars. The New Zealand National Maritime Museum is a museum dedicated to the history of sailing on the New Zealand Islands. Sky Tower, for many years the tallest building in Auckland, offering an observation deck and a restaurant at the very top.